Frequently Asked Questions


How is the decision to have surgery made?

Prior to surgery, a variety of non-operative treatments will be utilized  and can include; medications, bracing, physical therapy and  occupational therapy. When appropriate, we will begin with these  modalities. There are times when non-operative treatment is not an  option, or non-operative treatment fails to relieve your symptoms. In  this case, surgery will be recommended. Your medical provider will  discuss in detail the risks, benefits and alternatives to surgery, and  answer any questions you may have. The final decision whether or not to  have surgery is yours to decide.

What should I do to get ready for surgery?

It will be necessary for you to see your primary care physician (PCP)  prior to scheduling surgery. Once you have seen your PCP, please call  our surgery scheduler to proceed with the scheduling process.

Once your surgery is scheduled, you will be given a surgery packet  that will include a checklist of appointments. Please be sure to attend  all scheduled appointments. In the event you miss an appointment, please  call and notify the scheduler right away.

Prior to surgery, please ensure that there are no scratches or  blemishes at the operative site, as this may cause your surgery to be  delayed or cancelled.

What if I get sick before my surgery?
If you feel ill before your surgery, call our office immediately. It may  be necessary for you to see your PCP again prior to surgery. If you are  running a fever, or have an illness that increases the risk of surgery,  it may be necessary to delay the procedure for your safety.

When will I be seen after surgery?
For all outpatient procedures, your first post-operative follow-up  appointment will be made before surgery and is included in your surgery  packet. This appointment generally is 7-10 days after surgery. The  purpose of this visit is to check the incision, remove any sutures or  staples, discuss the surgical findings, and order physical therapy. If  you have any questions or concerns prior to your first follow-up  appointment, please call our office at 707-645-7210.